Evolution Resource Directory


This site is a directory of resources that I hope will be a helping hand to people who are questioning creationism but struggling to find what they need, especially resources that deal specifically with creationist misunderstanding and misinformation.

The kinds of resources linked to on this site can be a lifeline to people finding their way out of creationism. They are made by people tirelessly working to explain the movement's flaws, distortions, and falsehoods. The resources are scattered all around the web and can be hard to dig out; I hope this brings them together in a helpful way.

Although the title is 'Evolution Resource Directory', the resources deal with a wide range of creationism-related topics, including the age of the Earth.

The site is far from finished, but there's plenty here for anyone to start with. I have a lot more to add, so please keep checking back for more.

I hope it is useful for you and I wish you luck on your journey, wherever it takes you.

To get started, please use the menu or the search tool, or go to the 'using this site' page.